Monday, April 6, 2009

"21st Century" GET BUZZY FINANCIAL EDUCATION for Our Kids Futures ... then they have CHOICES !!!


Many have some forms of investments or realise that they need to create some, but for many it is as a necessity when the the pain of financial unhealthiness hits.
Why not introduce and teach our kids these from childhood ... you wouldn't say "we'll teach you to communicate when you go for your first job" and yet for many handling finances and achieving financial healthiness is left as " you'll stumble through and when you've got a family, responsibilities and Good Luck" ?

Why ? The NEW 70 hour week ?

Whether we like it or not here in the 21st century so much more is available, that was not around in the 19th century.
Let's teach a NEW 70 hour week "say" 30 hours on your primary income source, 20 hours on your family relationships, 10 hours on your health and 10 hours on growing your MSI's .
With the technology in this age, we can do it differently, we all want more time with our family's and partners, we all need to spend time on our health and this could all be achieved through education and creating MSI's from childhood ... thats what I'll be teaching my kids !!


JOB - Your primary source of income.
What should you do, I like and agree with the saying "if you do something that you enjoy, then you'll never work another day in your life".
In the workshops I've done I ask the kids whats the three things you like to do and you're good at - theres a great place to start !!
Kids are AMAZING, creative, intuitive and aware of things even if they don't always understand - to their credit !!

MSI - 2 Property

Property "Many would say not a good time to go into, but look deeper".

Building a property portfolio with Jack (20 mnths old) go to :

Russ Whitney

MSI - 3 Shares

UK -

Coming SOON ... An introduction to investing in shares with Mr. A.F.

MSI - 4 Kids & Family Education, Ideas & Attitudes

In 1991 my eyes and mind were opened up to the benefits of personal development or "Information to improve my life" this is in the forms of books, tapes, cd's, dvd's, workshops and seminars. I wish that this life changing information was in your home, there are lots of companies out there offering these materials.

Educating Kids also check out: Chris & Jenny Ford at Australia / internet based.

Jack (20 mnths old) - building a property portfolio at

MSI's 5 to 10 the blog archive below...

MSI - 5 Internet Opportunities


To teach your kids, start your own "Family Business Website", promoting what you do, you'll be surprised with what the kids will come up with. AND you can do a J.V. (joint venture) with "Get Buzzy Education".

* Internet MSI opportunities Go to :

MSI - 6 Network / Multilevel Marketing

MSI - 7 Business & Joint Ventures

MSI 8 OPM, OPI, OPE + OPD + other cash making and saving ideas !!!!

MSI - 9 GET BUZZY Ambition Coach

GO to : &

or go to MSI Choices and join in -

MSI -10 ONE MORE ...little secret !!